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New York City Council Member Erik Bottcher Wants More Regulations and Enforcement for New York City Pedicabs

It seems that the efforts of New York Pedicab Services are finally paying off.

New York Pedicab Services has been receiving hundreds of scam and fraud complaints in the past decade.

New York Pedicab Services created a webpage to address the systematic fraud and scams by New York City pedicabs and in this webpage, New York Pedicab Services specifically encouraged people who became the victims of pedicab fraud and scams to contact the New York City Council Member Erik Bottcher’s office as he represents the area where the New York City pedicabs work: Midtown West.

Here is the webpage that New York Pedicab Services created:

According to Patch Media (a local news and information platform, based in Manhattan), Erik Bottcher has expressed concern about the proliferation of pedicabs in areas like the Theater District, Hell’s Kitchen, and Times Square.

New York City Council Member Eric Bottcher

The council member claims that pedicabs are causing problems by blasting loud music, disrupting Broadway shows, and overcharging riders, with some fares exceeding $25 per minute.

Bottcher has called for increased oversight and regulation of pedicabs, addressing a letter to the heads of three city agencies: the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, the NYPD, and the Department of Environmental Protection.

He wants these agencies to enforce existing regulations and develop new rules to address noise and pricing issues associated with pedicabs. Bottcher’s office has received numerous complaints about pedicabs, prompting his call for action to improve the situation.

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Police Seeking New York City Pedicab Driver for Hate Crime

According to the article published by the New York Daily News, the pedicab driver derided the transgender woman by saying “Hey, look at the tranny” to his passengers near Saks on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. An argument started when the victim responded. Then, the pedicab driver spit in her face and rode off. Hate Crimes Task Force is seeking this pedicab driver and his photos are published in the New York Daily Daily News Website:


Two Pedicab Drivers Got into Fight – NY Post

On July 14, 2022, two pedicab drivers got into a verbal argument near Empire State Building. One of them hit the other with an unknown object and caused injuries.