77 Unlicensed Pedicabs Seized By NYPD – Gothamist

The NYPD seized 77 unlicensed pedicabs in Midtown Manhattan, including near major landmarks, as part of a crackdown on illegal operations. The operation also resulted in 100 summonses and the confiscation of a moped and two speakers. City Councilmember Erik Bottcher, representing Midtown, praised the enforcement action in response to numerous complaints about noise and overcharging by pedicabs. The crackdown highlights issues with pedicab regulations, particularly around the use of motorized pedicabs, which are currently illegal despite their popularity among drivers and customers for easing the physical strain of pedaling. Pedicab operators are calling for changes to allow motor-assisted pedicabs, similar to the legalization of e-bikes for delivery workers, to improve the sustainability of their business and reduce the risk of overcharging scams by unlicensed drivers.

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